Aug. 2nd, 2017 10:05 pm
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I went down to main today for an interview for a different position.

I'm happy at my branch, doing what I'm doing currently now that I am full time.
But there is always room for growth and this would be a subtle start to slipping behind the curtain.

At the branch, the only place to go from where I currently am is Customer Service Lead (if I want to stay at my same branch and stay full time) and the person in that position will never leave. She's been there 14 years and has 0 plans of moving on.

So since I have nothing to lose, I decided to go ahead and interview for this position. The person in charge of the interview (the manager of the department) is my old manager at the branch. The one who originally hired me. So.. that's a plus. The position is for our 'call center' which is an 8 person crew (when fully staffed) that does what all call centers do.. try to help doing basic things and transfer calls to other people if needed.
It's what I do now but without face to face interaction. The volume is higher but for the most part it should be doable. It also comes with a nice $1.77 raise. It is a little farther away as it's in downtown Orlando, but only by about 15 minutes. And I could take the SunRail into work on weekdays and avoid traffic.

I'm not sure the interview went well though. Who knows though, we will see. I don't have a lot of hope behind getting this position. Lots of people want to work behind the scenes and honestly I don't have the most experience. But whatever. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If nothing else it was nice to get a few hours to go downtown and hang out at the main library.

Tomorrow I have to go back down to main to meet with the financial guy to go over my 401K and investments or whatever that they give you for being full-time. So I have some vague idea of what's happening with this money. I asked during my interview if after that meeting if I could hang out in the call center and shadow to see what really goes on in that position. They said that should be good but if not I could sit at the Info Desk and help out there during that time. Either way it should be good.


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