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Last night we went to a birthday party at Bloodhound pub out near Universal. It was a friend of my gf's boyfriend. I've met him but I don't really know him enough that I'd otherwise go to his birthday party. But I had a really good time, I don't know that I ever really talked to the boyfriend but a few of his friends I really enjoy hanging out with. We had a lot of good laughs.

Today the plan at work is to go in and wash all the K9's before doing my night shift. However it's cold and rainy and I don't really want to do it in the cold. i don't think the dogs will appreciate it much either.

I also want to go to the gym tonight. I was again going to plan to go before work today but I'm just not feeling good right now. And hopefully after 9pm the gym will be emptier. Stupid Resolutions really clog up the gym for a while.

I've got two cookbooks coming in the mail, a vegetarian cookbook and a Paleo cookbook. The general plan being to eat more fresh food this year and cooking more at home. (just finished off the beef stew I cooked for new Years. It was delicious). Hopefully this will give me more confidence in the kitchen and make me more comfortable cooking/eating at home. Maybe expand my tastes a little beyond what I normally eat. When I did the Whole30 I tried things I wasn't accustom to eating and that worked out well for me.

GoRuck now offers a 'light' challenge so that is my goal this year, to train to complete it! I'm excited! From there it will be to complete the full challenge, which is longer and much more intense. I'm hoping they offer a group in Orlando and once they do I will sign up for it and then I'll have a deadline.


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